Saturday, April 21, 2012

Number Sense Winners and Some Insect Station Freebies

Ok, a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short! 


The winners of my Number Sense Giveaway are:


Congratulations Ladies! 
Erin, email me so I can send your goodies to you!
(ofprimaryimportance @

Iraines, I have emailed your goodies!

And now some goodies for my all of my wonderful followers.. we are still need to wrap up our plant unit on Monday, but then we are headed straight into insects, another one of my favorite themes.

Here are the two Write the Room activities we will be using next week.

If you download either, please leave me some feedback and let me know what you think!  Happy Saturday!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Plants and Some Word Work

We have had a crazy week! We did our final round of MAP testing this week and I'm so proud of my kiddos!  It was amazing to see how hard they were working!  Some of my high kids were presented with multiplication and division during the math portion, and their little pencils were just flying all over their scratch paper trying to figure out what to do!  This was our first year of MAP testing with kindergarten, and at the beginning of the year I thought the whole thing was going to be a complete fiasco, winter was a little better, but watching them take their spring tests, I am blown away.  We also started our spring benchmarking for DIBELS.  
With all of the testing going on, we have had a hard time getting to our learning about plants, but here is some of what we have done so far...
We observed dry kidney beans and then wet kidney beans.  After our observations we disected them, drew them, and labeled the parts.

We talked about what seeds need to grow. We also began our bean sprouting experiment.  
Wetting our paper towels to provide water for our bean.
Fitting that wet paper towel into a sandwich bag is trickier than it looks!
Hung in a hallway window to provide sunlight  for our beans.

We also started our observation journals.
"My seed is shaped like a rainbow. It's a wet bean."

"The seed looks like a banana."

"Takes the seed 8 days." (One of my ELLs predicting that it will take 8 days to sprout.)

Here is the cover that will go on our journals when we assemble them tomorrow. Simple, but it gets the job done!

We also started our Plant People today.  Awhile back I found this picture on pinterest...
Downloaded the Mr. Potato Head printables (filed under Science).  Just grow grass seed in a cup and add face cute!

When I followed the link, I was bummed to find out that the download was no longer available :(  With all the copyright craziness going on, maybe Mr. Potato Head had to come down, but I was in love with the idea, so here's what I created to use instead...

We didn't put shoes on, and I'm not sure if we will add them or not, but they are there if anyone wants them.
Adding our seeds.
Gently watering our newly planted grass seed.
In all of our planting fun, I forgot to take pictures of their plant people with the parts on.  I'll try to remember to snap a few tomorrow.

And finally a bit of word work.
I wanted a bit more practice with our color words after our rainbow words, so I created Can You Build It?  This one is just color words and has a recording sheet to practice writing their words after they build them. We did rainbow writing with ours.

If you download it, I would love some feedback!  I am thinking about creating some more for number words and our end of the year sight words.  If you think these or other versions would be useful in your classrooms, leave me a comment and let me know.  Also, if you have other ideas to extend this idea, let me know!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Time No Blog, Plant Freebies, and a Giveaway!

Wow, spring break was fabulous, but it feels like everything has been moving at mach 3 since we started back!  We wrapped up our weather unit practicing color words and incorporating a bit of poetry with our 3-D rainbows.  I have to give my kids kudos for this one because they largely completed this activity independently during our literacy work stations.  They turned out pretty cute, and they just make me smile!

We started work on our plants unit.  The kids are loving it, and I have to admit it is one of my favorite units to teach.
I will post some more pictures (and freebies) of our fun later this week, but in the meantime, here is a sight word game that we are using in our literacy work stations.

I have been trying to create some free choice activities for our math stations.  I wanted activities that focused on number sense and could remain in our free choice baskets for an extended period of time.  Here's what I came up with to add last week.

This game is played just like traditional dominoes, but instead of the traditional dot patterns, students must find a match with various representations of the number (numerals, number words, objects, tally marks, dice ten frames, base ten blocks, addition, subtraction, and coins).  My kids absolutely love them.  And I love that they are practicing so many skills!

Our second addition was Bingo Bonanza.

Again, the focus is on number sense.  Bingo is always a hit, and this pack includes bingo games that can be used throughout the year as students build number sense.  There are 8 bingo cards and caller cards for 11 different versions of bingo.  
Versions include:
Number Bingo
Ten Frame Bingo
Tally Mark Bingo
Addition to 5 Bingo
Subtraction within 5 Bingo
Mixed Addition and Subtraction 0-5 Bingo
Number Word Bingo
Addition to 10 Bingo
Subtraction within 10 Bingo
Mixed Addition and Subtraction 0-10 Bingo
Number Words
Bonanza Bingo (includes representations from all versions)

I have used these in small groups, and they are also out in our free choice baskets.  Since students will be self selecting versions during work stations, and to avoid a potential management nightmare, I printed each version on a different color.  
So far it has worked beautifully!

I would like to giveaway a copy of my Number Representation Dominoes and a copy of my Bingo Bonanza Mega Pack to 2 people.  
Here's how to enter:
*Follow my blog & leave me a comment
*Follow my TPT store & leave me a comment
*Blog about the giveaway for 2 additional entries

Easy peasy, right?  I will pick 2 winners on Friday night, April 20th.

I will have more plant ideas, pictures and freebies later in the week!  Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

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