Friday, January 20, 2012

Do you know JiJi? And Other Penguin Fun!

Do you know JiJi?  

If you know JiJi, then your kids do ST Math too.  Our district adopted the ST Math program for K-5 this year, and we began using it in late September.  I was intrigued after our training and excited to implement it in my classroom.  I have been amazed by the growth in my students using this program.  ST Math uses spatial temporal reasoning to teach mathematics and problem solving.  If you want more information on the program you can visit the Mind Institute's website.

This week one of my students competed the Kindergarten syllabus!  He has achieved mastery in 100% of the kindergarten skills!  He was the first student in our building to complete his grade level syllabus!  Well, since we were studying penguins this week, it was the perfect time to celebrate his accomplishment and our class progress!  

We did a little fishing and problem solving in our math journals!

Students dipped a pretzel stick in peanut butter (no peanut allergies here) and then dipped it in goldfish to see how many they could catch.  They recorded it in their math journals, went fishing again and recorded a number sentence with the total number of fish they caught.
After our fishing, we made JiJi hats...
so that we could do the penguin dance...
They loved the penguin dance, so we decided that it would become our new celebration song whenever someone hit a milestone in JiJi!

And finally we made a penguin snack.
(Oreo cookie, twisted apart, one side broken in half - mini chocolate chips for the eyes - orange gummy bear cut in half for the webbed feet - about 1/3 of a yellow gummy bear for the beak)

The kids had a great time celebrating our success with JiJi and it was the perfect conclusion to our week!

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