Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Medial Sound Mitten Sort

During the weeks before break one of my teammates and I used Christmas Write the Room with CVC Word Families from the fabulous Deedee Wills.  

Christmas  Write the Room with CVC Word Families-FREE
We both loved the activity, but I really wanted my kids to be focusing on the medial sound.  My teammate came up with a great solution.  I then took her idea and adapted it to have a winter theme.
Students will sort cards by medial sound and then write on the recording sheet.  There are two levels of cards to support varying levels of students.  It could also be used as a Write the Room, but I plan on putting it at a literacy station.

On my original post I forgot to credit KPM Doodles for the adorable mitten clip art I used in this freebie.  I have added a credit to the front page - here is the link to the corrected version with the credit to KPM Doodles. So sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

I have no idea where my camera has gone to.  One of my kinders saw me looking for my camera and rushed to the scene with our Fisher Price student camera.  Not the best quality, but not bad for a 5 year old with 1 megapixel,  rubberized camera :)

They really had to focus on the medial sounds and this was a great, quickie assessment for identifying the medial sound and short vowel sound discrimination.
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  1. Thank you so much for this! It is perfect for my centers next week!

  2. This is a great activity. Thank you!


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