Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun

We have been having lots of fun this week.  We are fascinated with all things green, and sneaky little leprechauns!

I have been bad about snapping photos, but here's a peek at some of our literacy work stations.

We did our syllable sort in the pocket chart as a whole group and then students have been practicing during work stations.  Some groups started making their own syllable cards to add to our sort.  They are always so motivated to create and add to our current stations.

We are also doing a St. Patrick's Day themed write the room.

We also brainstormed adjectives to describe our sneaky little leprechaun friend and completed a bubble map that we will be using tomorrow for students who choose to write leprechaun stories during writer's workshop.

And at our math work stations we continued with the theme.
Fill Your Pot from Musings of Me - can't seem to find her blog anymore :(

Surveys are always a hit, and I tried to sneak in a bit more practice with adding and subtracting fluently to 5.

We also practiced ordering numbers in a pocket chart.  I use a multiplication pocket chart that I have folded down to make a hundred chart.  They can also practice counting by 5s and 10s in the smaller pocket charts.  The cards are sized smaller to fit the multiplication chart we use, but feel free to grab them below if you like.

We also sorted, graphed, and practiced addition with Lucky Charms.

Tomorrow and Friday we are hitting inferring hard as we follow clues hunting for the leprechauns pot of gold.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. I love everything you did for st. paddy's day! Thanks for stopping by and leaving love. I am a new follower as well! can't wait to explore your blog more. :)


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