Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weather Activities (with feebies)

Our theme for the week is wild, wacky, wonderful weather. I wasn't going to make anything new for this week.  I have tons of weather related things, but when I started looking back through them there were a few skills that I really wanted to hit again before spring break.  For some of my little lovelies digraphs are finally starting to click, others can put the correct sound with the digraph, but they are only identifying the digraph when it's the initial sound.

Thus, the Rainy Day Digraph Sort was born.

And some more freebies...

A simple write the room with weather words.  There is one set of words, but the cards are slightly different.  The blue cards have the entire word, and the red cards have blanks that they must fill in when writing the word. I am planning to hang both sets and then let the kids know which color cards they are looking for.  There is also a recording sheet that will work for either set of cards.

Due to the size of our school and the need to give us all plan time our kids have science as a special.  I miss teaching science and incorporating it with the rest of the learning that goes on in our room.  It has been ridiculously windy here lately, so I thought it would be fun to do something with the wind.  I saw a wind sort on Little Giraffes and decided to set it up as a station this week.

I have just opened my TPT store.  Everything is free, so if you download any of these freebies I would really love for you to rate them and leave me feedback!  Pretty, pretty please!  You could even follow my store while you're there!  I have also uploaded some of the other freebies from my blog, and will try to get the rest uploaded this week.

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  1. I love the digraphs sort! I did something similar with my kids last year where they sorted -op and -ot words, but this is much cuter and goes perfect with our curriculum (we're just finished our digraphs unit, but -op and -ot were our curriculum last month!) I can't wait to use this with my kids tomorrow!!!!

    You have such amazing resources... that's why I gave you the lovely blog award! Come by my blog to check it out:

  2. Mrs. Krull, I just found your blog through the K-2 Linky Party. The Rainy Day Digraph Sort is so unique! After I finish writing this comment, I'll go and check out your TPT store. It's really neat to find people that genuinely want to share the things they make. If you have time, it would be great if you could come and check out my blog. I also have tons of freebies. Oh - I don't know if you're still doing your weather unit, but there's a great song called "Weather" by Dr. Jean Feldman that spells the four basic kinds of weather.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT


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